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Artist Statement

There are three words that describe the character of my oil paintings: reflective, perceptive, and banjos. Yes, banjos. From a literal perspective, I find it fascinating to create a reflective image on a canvas that is not. From an internal perspective, I am able to reflect on and express aspects of myself that would otherwise remain hidden. Painting has also enhanced my perception; or maybe an enhanced perception influences my work. Beyond this, there is a decided lack of banjo art on this planet. I aim to fix this.

I Will, 2021

As an avid banjo player and visual artist, banjo still life allows me to paint my passion and share it with the world. Paintings in the banjo gallery are both realist and abstract, and all feature banjos in my collection as subject matter. Not looking for banjos? Not to worry, the subject matter here is varied. I hope you find something that speaks to you in these galleries. Thank you for stopping by!

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