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Artist Statement


Kim Lyons began her informal art education in 2016 when an internet search for oil paintings of “banjo art” lead her to the work of Jacob Collins (Banjo 2012). She was so inspired by this work, that she resolved to learn the techniques of oil painting and create artwork that merges her love of music with this newfound artistic expression. That initial inspiration has since expanded to include a variety of still life, landscape, and portraiture.


Kim’s artwork is primarily oil on canvas. Her goal: to create reflection, transparency, and depth on a surface that has none of these qualities.  

In three words, the character of her paintings is reflective, perceptive, and banjos. From a literal perspective, she finds it fascinating to create a reflective image on a canvas that is not. From an internal perspective, the canvas provides the avenue for outer reflection of an internal state. And of course, the world just needs more banjo art.

After 25 years as a faculty member of the UW La Crosse Department of Accountancy, Kim retired in 2022 in order to pay full attention to her artistic endeavors. She has recently accepted a 4-year apprenticeship to the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art in Minneapolis, Minnesota beginning fall 2024 and is looking forward to a second career as professional artist.

From the galleries, click on any image to open the gallery in full view. If you would like to purchase any of the works presented here, you can message Kim from the contact page or email

Thank you!

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